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  • We start at the center of bookkeeping - the chart of accounts - to be sure that the way your transactions are classified is useful to you, not just in line with accepted accounting practices.

  • By streamlining processes - getting bank feeds, point of sale, payroll, donations, credit card transactions to feed into a central system - we can help you get and keep all the transaction information in one place. 

  • A bookkeeping manual we create, and train staff to use, keeps things consistent. 

  • Keep it current.

  • Working on site or remotely, we do a regular reconciling of bank accounts and send end of month reports so that you know your financial position.

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  • Accessible financial reports support organizational transparency. 

  • We handle periodic report needs - grant reports, data needed for annual tax filings, detailed reports on income or expense items that are key to your financial health - as well as the regular readouts of transaction flow.

  • Working with you on budgets, metrics and models, we create tools to show how planning and reality come together.

  • Continued training-  and practice - reduces the mystery of figuring out where you stand, by revealing the events and patterns underlying the financial picture.

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  • We create a custom accounting manual for each of our clients, for consistent practice in recording transactions and training of anyone who is involved.

  • We train client side staff to increase their financial literacy, whether they are looking to interpret financial reports, improve quickbooks skills, or build general financial literacy. 

  • For organizations considering worker ownership or cooperative structures, we can help set up your accounting systems. 

  • We also train in the methodology of shared decision making that we use, called Sociocracy, and the transparent business review process called Open Book Management.

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